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"Treating all animals with dignity, respect, and care is an essential part of a spiritual lifestyle."

Douglas Williams...

Tornillo Tx is Home!

Jessica and I were raised right here in the big town of Tornillo Texas! We both grew up in this lush Ag community and raised animals. Starting a feed store right here in Tornillo was bringing back something to the community so they do not have to travel far distances to get the feed and supplies for there animals. For Jessica and I, this is a way to settle roots right here in Tornillo and show "Coyote Pride". We both graduated from Tornillo ISD and are bringing back the Ag foundation by starting a 4-H charter. “Tornillo Coyote’s 4-H,” those that participated in Tornillo's 4-H and FFA became well rounded in agricultural studies and have given back to the communities in various ways. this 4-H program will get Tornillo's youth to be more active in their communities and keep them off the streets.

Coyote Feed

Jessica and Danny

Store Owner's

We decided to sale Hi Pro Feeds here in the store for their high-quality feeds that have the best nutritional value for the animals, and the excellent production practices for having the cleanest feeds on the market.

Equine – See link below to all the quality Equinefeeds we offer.

Beef – See link below for quality Beef feedswe offer.

Dairy – See link below for quality Dairy feedswe offer.

Show Feeds – See link below for quality Showfeeds we offer.

Specialty Feeds – See link below for quality Hog Feeds, Poultry Feeds, Bird Feeds, Sheep/Goat Feeds, Wild Game Feeds, Bird Feed, Fish Food, Pet Foods we offer.


Right here in Tornillo Tx! We have great pride in the Community and will post on the Facebook page if store hours will change for events. High School sports will affect the closing for home games!!!

Coyote Feed Enterprises

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